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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  October 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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they found more than 1,000 images on the computer, including images of toddlers and infants. he is accused of down loading 10,000 other images. the san francisco da announced 16 members of a so- called rainbow crew have been charged. the gang is accused of stealing a quarter million dollars of goods from high end stores. the gang got the name from the wigs worn by the women. rain has returned to the bay area. it did not take much to create slick roads. and minor traffic incidents across the bay area today. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. on the campaign trail the focus was on donald trump's taxes as polling shows that hillary clinton with a lead in three out of four key battleground states. >> donald trump is holding a 5- point lead in ohio. and clinton is five points ahead in florida and in 3 in north carolina and 4 in
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pennsylvania. this is as donald trump is answering new questions about his taxes as well as his charitable foundation. and we have more from akron, ohio. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign grappling with another negative headline, the new york attorney-general serving the foundation with a cease and desist after it failed to register before accepting donations. the campaign believes this politically motivated, it will comply. >> fixing our broken tax code is one of the main reasons i'm running for president. >> reporter: campaigning in colorado, he took on a report suggesting that the mogul avoided taxes for 18 years. >> as a business man and real estate developer i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. to the benefit of my companies, my investors and my employees. >> reporter: hillary clinton storming through ohio where she earned a slam dunk endorsement
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from champion lebron james. >> i hope to be elected president but i know that here in ohio, lebron will always be the king. >> the former secretary of state seized on the attention surrounding the 1995 tax returns. >> they were bragging it makes him a genius. here is the question, what kind of genius lose as billion dollars in a single year? >> reporter: clinton is trying to convince the voters here in ohio she is against free trade deals which are wildly unpopular with workers across the rust belt n ohio. the vice presidential candidates face off in a debate tomorrow night. they have a lot in common. they were raised catholic, served in congress and as governors. both are married, three children but when it comes to
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same-sex marriage, mike pence is opposed, tim kaine supports it. they hold opposing views on abortion, i'm pro life i do not apologize for it. i do believe that roe versus wade was wrongly decided and again overturned more than a century of pro life laws that have been enacted through the process in all 50 states. >> i have taken the position which is common among catholics. i have a feeling but the rule for government is to let women make their own decision, can you watch the 90-minute debate here that is taking place in farmville, virginia and scheduled to start at 6:00 tomorrow evening. and the judgment broke off talks with russia aimed at bringing peace to syria. the u.s. and russia agreed to a ceasefire to allow workers to deliver aid to the besieged cities but in recent days the state department said the
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russian military helped the syrian government forces step up the offensive against rebel held areas of aleppo, the biggest city in sirra . they called it one of the deadliest since the civil war broke out five years ago. the u.s. will continue to work for a truce in syria through other channels. >> the supreme court started the new term with a seat empty. the lawmakers have blocked the president's nomination of merit garland leaving the court evenly split along ideological lines. and given that split, it is avoiding cases that could fend a dead look. >> the red mass attended by five supreme court justices this year is held every sunday before the start of the court's new term, as they get to work, the dock set impacted by the death of justice scalia in february. so far, the justices have taken up less controversial cases trying it avoid hot button
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issues until the confirmation of a justice. some experts say that the split on the supreme court is being overstated. >> last term not knowing ahead of time there would be a huge shift it came down 4-4. >> the presence of a ninth justice is critical for breaking a gridlock on contentious issues, and cases including race, and they are argue that the replacement should be confirmed sooner rather than later. >> the cloud that is large is continuing with the supreme court this term as they start again. >> the justices issued orders turning away appealing involving geico, whitey bulger and ncaa, they are continuing the normal order of business, despite the vacancy, they are trying to shy away from the controversial issues, that's a good thing, we can have bun branch of government that can
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reach consensus, rerejected an appeal from the obama administration hoping to revive a disputed loss this year over the president's use of executive action to block the detore station of millions in the -- deportation of millions in the u.s. illegally. coming up here, outrage in southern california over a deadly shooting of a black teen y the chief said his officers had no choice but to shoot. latest in the search for a gunman and what a witness saw that could lead to an arrest. brazen i think to shoot at the police department.
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nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. . tonight the sacramento police will recommend changes in training after two officers shot and killed a mentally ill man after trying to hit him with their police car. this is the video of the incident back in july. police were called to the scene after receiving 911 dauls about a man waving a knife and acting eratically. they were he was shot 14 times. a civil rights attorney john burris is representing the family. he said the police acted like big game hunters closing in on an animal. mann was not threatening anyone. and charlie beck explained what led up to the shooting of
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a man on saturday. the chief beck said officers in a cruise were suspicious after spotting a car with paper plates that did not match the year of the car. they say as they followed the car, cornell snell jumped out holding his waistband. he ran into a driveway holding a gun in his left hand and then turned in the direction of officers. that's when the chief said they shot six rounds. the chief said video from a nearby business clearly shows snell had a handgun. they careered and rejected the explanation of the shooting demanding that video be released. >> new member of the warriors is gaining attention for a protest during the anthem. david west joined the team and was at practice. he says he has been standing last in line behind his teammates for years now. >> it's not about not about the
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issue you need to humanise who we are, what we are. >> west has been thinking about the issues since he was a youngster and has a 7-year-old son and wants to keep children from becoming victims of violence. >> police are trying to determine who fired the shots that hit the headquarters building. the shoots fired after 11. no one was hurt. dispatchers were inside the building at the time answering calls from people who heard the gunfire a witness has come forward who reported seeing a car speed away after someone fired two rounds at the building. >> and that car was gone by the time they got out. and we don't have too much information on the vehicle and it could have provided a license plate number. >> police are reviewing video in homes it will provide clues and lead them to a suspect. a fight between fans leave as man fighting for his life. what we're learning about the
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raider fans accused of akacking a ravens fan at the game in baltimore. temperatures on the cool side again today. and a few flight sprinkles. things are changing. drying out and warming up. we'll talk about the forecast in a moment.
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two fans from new york are facing serious charges tonight after a fight with another fan left him in critical condition. it was as the raiders took on the ravens in baltimore. >> and the victim's friend said
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he was not the aggressor. >> a great guise, he is more than a great guy. he is one of the finest men i have known. he is a great family man. >> joe bay bow ser on life- support a fight left him with a head injury t is new that is devastating to his boss. he worked for him for 35 years. now his son works for him. >> in every sense of the word just a fine individual. >> he served his country before going to work. >> he has been proud of the fact he was marine. >> he said he was not the one to instigate the fight,ky assure you joe was not out of linement he doesn't get out of line. he knows what good behavior is and good behavior is what you see when are you around him, they say he was whacking down an exit ramp just like these
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when he got into the fight with the raiders fans. now that fight turned businessful and he was sposhed to the ground according to the police where he hit his head knocking him unconscious. >> two from new york were taken into custody on sunday. now they are facing first and second degree assault charges. we hope for recovery. praying for recovery. >> the victim is a 55-year-old joseph bower from maryland. his family said that he suffered a blood clot on the brain and he has just a 30 percent chance of survival. >> that is terrible. >> it is. a check of the weather now fall outside today. this morning and last night. bill has the latest on the conditions in the weather center. >> it felt like fall the cool overnight low that we had, the rain the sprinkles today the snow in the mountains. and compared to last week.
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we were doing the temperatures in the triple digits. and today we had highs just in the 60s. and today last week -- a ago today -- a week ago today. that's the story. we have clouds out there now. showers showing up out here by the can you see this is east of the area. something to it. representing the area of moderate light rain fall most of the green on the map ept aring a drizzle. and a little drizzle. light sprinkles along the coast out to the south you are getting wet weather it is winding down. high pressure is coming back. and the temperatures wild warm, they have to. and they are low compared to what you expect and the cloud cover now and the clouds tomorrow will start out like that. a lot of clouds as you may expect not fog but clouds and
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maybe drizzle after midnight. and it burns off and backs away slowly. high temperatures warm yellow and 70s. greens are 60s t is flat. warmer than today. if i had done this today it would have been yellow or all green with yellow. tomorrow half and half to the coast. patchy fog and forecast pattern will be dry and warming. light rain yesterday and today. and righter today -- lighter today. and storms with hail in sacramento. that system is now migrating out. high pressure my greating in. this is very classic fall weather. we're not going to see the high fire danger but when the high
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jumps in. and the vacuum is the low. and it jumps in and creates a flow. that can create -- that's the conditions we had the open firestorm this pattern. this repeats itself all fall that's why this year it can be the highest danger time. pointing out it will not be that hot and with the event but the pattern is the one we worried about. 70 and 73 and 72 in san jose, a warming trend. it will heat up in the mid-to- upper 80s to the hottest times friday and saturday and sunday and show up here and a bit of a wind drying and warming and just kind of a nice break. and fall pattern. >> what we needed. >> thank you, bill. well going sideline about to shake up the gadget world. it will release several new products at an event tomorrow. google will unveil two new
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phones the biggest mainstream push for a phone ever, there will be a release date for google home, device to turn your home into a spart house. it is meant to rival the amazon echo. >> new feature that allows users to buy and sell the items. the marketplace is similar to craig's list and e bay. they can list clothes and furniture and items like clothes. for now it will be available for people in the us the uk and australia and new zealand. and the giants are on their way. new york in anticipation of the wild card game against the mets. >> just one game win, you're out. the 49ers and the bad news about the leader on the defense today. marks up with that. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. and what more can you say about the 49ers 1-3 they lose the best player. >> it is the i talked to the fans who are upset about the fact that the stadium was a
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cowboy's home game. and joe was out there amazed that you know by it was dominated by the cowboy fans and in the end they came back from a 14-0 deficit to win the game but was a sticking out for 49er fans not just the loss of the contest but the loss of the outstanding line backer who was a feel good story. this is him in the third quarter. down a non-contact injury it is diagnosed. and no doubt and probably a career threatening injury and leader much respected. and fine style and eligible again add talks about what the
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loss means. >> everyone knows, he is one of the guys on the field that they, a game plan and so losing him on the defense and it is horrible but now we have to go play for him, he was a leader and on the field and look up he will be back and we have to be ready to step in in the meantime. some news out of miami florida tonight and just a few minutes to go, barry bonds has been fired as the batting instructor for the marlins. they finished 28th and team batting average could get out of the team and more details on that. the last few minutes. the news here centers around that man. that man known as thor for the
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mets. the guy with the fastest ball and 100 miles an hour. and going for the mets of course and madison balm gardner has a great record against the mets 16789.80 e.r.a. he gave up four on this grand slam earlier this season. and tagged him. the mets manager asked today about how they did that. >> i don't know. i don't have an answer for you. there are nights when are you on and he is great. a great pitcher. >> pitched a lot of innings you cannot let him be on top. you have to get balls to hit him. and if you let him hit you you're in trouble. >> lots of baseball news not making the playoffs you will see the changes and there were
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changes today before the season started one of the big teams that everyone thought was doing so well. the d backs they may have fired the team president and gm dave stewart has been fired after two citizens -- seasons they finish the former a's star not the only one let go by the d backs. the manager led go today by the d backs who are major clean house mode right now. another manager gone in the western division walt weiss. not a good day for former a's. fired after four season with the rockies despite the fact they had the best season since 2010. that's the sporting life. more on barry bonds at 10. >> we'll see you then. >> thank you. our coverage continues now at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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